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Hot Oil Hair Treatment

I remember the first time I tried a hot oil hair treatment, I was around 16 and I saw it in a shop and I thought that it sounded so interesting. I just HAD to try it.


Fast forward 10 years and here I am making my own now. Never thought that would happen! But what is a hot oil hair treatment, and why should you do it?


A hot oil hair treatment is pretty much what it sounds like, you heat up oils and put them on your hair. Why? Because it feels amazing. No, seriously, it is one of the nicest feelings ever,


Why hot oil? When we heat up the oil its viscosity decreases, which means it is able to move easier. This allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair.


The oils used in hot oil treatments are suitable to providing moisture, shine and strength to hair, sometimes specialising in one or a combination of the above.


Some oil treatments are best used before washing or after washing, so check the labelling of the product you buy.


I like to use it before washing my hair, and I'll grab my shower cap, turn it inside out so the waterproof side is inside and let it incubate for an hour or so while I do bits around the house. Hop in the shower, wash my hair as normal and I'm left with luxuriously soft and shiny hair!

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