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Making the Switch to Solid Shampoo

So you've done it. You took the plunge. You said "no more" to liquid shampoos and decided to go for a more natural approach to your hair care. Good on you!


You've washed your hair, it all smelled great. It lathered well and you rinsed it out. You go to brush your hair afterwards and start to panic.

Why is my hair so hard to brush?! Why does it feel so dry?!


You're not alone in this. This is actually quite common and is known in the shampoo world as the purge.


You've more than likely used liquid shampoos all up until now. These products contain all sorts of different things, such as silicones and sulfates that give the appearance of shiny, lustrous hair.


And now your hair is looking for these compounds but it's not finding them. It takes some time for your hair to adapt to the new formula, and in that adaptation stage your hair can appear dry, or sometimes waxy.


This transition period varies depending on the person. Sometimes it may only take a week, sometimes a month. But stick with it, alternate between your old liquid shampoo and the new solid shampoo to ease your hair into the new formula.


Once every week you can also try do a vinegar rinse (using apple cider vinegar rinse, check out our post on it here) to help clarify the hair, remove excess product residue and smooth the cuticle.


It may seem frustrating at the start, but trust me, it's worth it.

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